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Sharps Disposal Programs

Taxonomy Code: TE-8920.7200-750

Programs that provide for the collection and safe disposal of "sharps" including syringes, needles with attached tubing, lancets and other materials that have been used by individuals with serious health conditions such as diabetes who manage their care at home. Included are collection boxes and kiosks for used sharps made available to the public by hospitals, pharmacies, health departments, mobile van programs, housing projects, police and fire stations and other community-based organizations; residential pickup services that give people special containers for their used sharps that can be placed at the curbside and picked up trained special waste handlers; and mail back programs that give people special containers that can be filled and mailed to designated facilities for disposal. The objective of these programs is to provide for the proper containment of sharps, and ensure that family members, sanitation workers and other people in the community are protected from potential injury or transmission of blood borne diseases due to needle sticks.

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