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Public Health Order Violations Reporting

Taxonomy Code: JP-6650

Public health agencies, designated law enforcement organizations or local government offices that accept and follow up on reports of businesses or other organizations that may be violating an order issued by the local public health department or other officials and are endangering the public and/or their own employees. In some jurisdictions, people may be asked to report problems by calling 311 but are directed to avoid calling 911 unless there is a true emergency. Violators may include businesses with physical distancing issues, businesses that should not be operating indoors and those that are open in spite of having been ordered to close. People may also be asked to report outdoor recreation facilities such as playgrounds, basketball courts, or picnic areas that currently have large gatherings of people who are not physically distancing, wearing cloth face masks or are otherwise violating the requirements of the order; private parties with large gatherings of people that are not social distancing; and individuals who are violating the terms of a "stay at home" order.

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