A statewide list of trans-friendly service providers. Updated regularly!

Please note:

The Virginia Transgender Resource & Referral List (!€œthe List!€) is intended as an informational resource only. Providers included here have not been endorsed, certified, or vetted by the Virginia Department of Health beyond fulfilling the requirement to complete and send in the Transgender Resource and Referral List Information Form. VDH can make no guarantees about providers listed here. VDH contacts all entities included on the List annually to check that each organization!€™s information is accurate and up to date, but cannot guarantee accuracy throughout the year.

Further, websites and other materials developed or produced by these providers are solely the responsibility of those entities. VDH cannot censor external sites!€™ content, so it is possible that some individuals who choose to browse an outside website may encounter materials or information that they consider offensive or inappropriate. If you have questions or comments about content on a provider!€™s website, please contact the provider directly to address your concerns.

VDH keeps a non-public list of resources known to the transgender community which have not been listed here. If you need resources that are not included here, you are encouraged to contact Ted Heck at or 804-864-1056.

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Ted Heck

Primary Contact

Transgender Health Services Specialist

(804) 864-8012

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